A left-wing majority in the Parliament could foster the elimination of violence and labour market disadvantages against women
On Saturday at the seminar of the French Socialist Party in Brussels, in the presence of - along with other MEPs and representatives of EU institutions - Joaquín Almunia European Commissioner, dr. Zita Gurmai was discussing the challenges of the 2014 EU elections, certain proposals aiming to facilitate the life of EU citizens, and the preparation for the upcoming campaign period.
In her speech Zita Gurmai highlighted: "The European Youth Guarantee Scheme will provide tangible results in helping unemployed young people who have been looking for job for at least 4 months to find a workplace or further training. European socialists presented the idea years ago; now as a result of our hard work we have gained the support of right-wing parties. The success of the Youth Guarantee Scheme is an indicator that progressive forces must continue to stand for leftist values and fight against gender based violence, to close the wage-gap and to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women" - emphasized the socialist politician. She also added that a possible left-wing majority in the Parliament could serve as the basis for such improvement.
According to Zita Gurmai, in the areas of women´s rights and gender equality there is a substantial difference between the approaches of right- and left-wing parties. There is an apparent and growing compatibility of conservative and far-right views regarding this field. Consequently, they have recently rejected a report in the EP which would have secured the rights of women. "This should be a warning sign not only for women but for all European citizens. The significance of EP elections is that we shape tomorrow´s Europe by today´s decisions" - concluded her speech the MEP.
2013.11.22. 21:34
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