More modern and more equal Europe after 2014
"The next European Commission must have a clear vision and a resolute agenda supporting gender equality and fighting against negative discrimination of any sort to guarantee a more equal Europe" - said dr. Zita Gurmai MEP at the meeting of the LMBT-network of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) group in Brussels.
"European socialists are committed to strengthen fundamental human rights, social justice, and to eliminate any form of negative discrimination. For a long time, we have been working on this EU regulation prohibiting negative discrimination - which is now only binding at workplaces - to be extended beyond the scope of employment. Adopting the European directive intending to meet this target is our main objective for the forthcoming EU legislative period in 2014" - said the socialist politician. Current EU laws only prohibit discrimination in the workplace; the proposed directive would extend this prohibition beyond the workplaces to negative discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, ideology, age, sexual orientation, and disabilities.
At the same time Zita Gurmai pointed out that European right-wing parties systematically reject these proposals, even though they assure durable improvements. Therefore, only a left-wing president of the European Commission could stimulate the process.
2013.11.23. 21:34
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