Global Forum for Increasing the Political Participation of Women
The European Parliament (EP) hosted the 2013 annual summit of the Women in Parliaments Global Forum (WIP), which took place between 27 and 29 November in Brussels. The high-profile international event brought together more than 550 female politicians representing almost 100 countries of the world. Hungarian Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Zita Gurmai also participated in the event and hosted several meetings of the forum.
This year’s edition of WIP was the first where female politicians from all around the world had the opportunity to think jointly about women’s roles in the society and the challenges they have to face. Instead of discussing traditional gender equality issues, the conference focused on global challenges, such as peace and security from the perspective of women.
The participants of the 3-day conference agreed on the importance of exploiting the strengths and capabilities of women politicians to advance society. Ms Gurmai, who also hosted several meetings during the forum, highlighted the importance of cooperation among female politicians to give visibility for their global fight for women rights.
‘The big idea behind WIP was to create a link that was missing, a way to connect women from parliaments all over the world and to tell to our sisters all over the world: "you are not alone". We live in a global and interconnected world and we have to use this for the benefit of women and girls who too often and in too many countries still do not have access to the most fundamental rights,’ Ms Gurmai stressed.
A number of high-ranking guests attended the WIP Forum including Nobel laureates, European Commissioners, as well as former and current Head of States and Prime Ministers.

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Zita Gurmai's Women in Parliaments Global Forum photosetZita Gurmai's Women in Parliaments Global Forum photoset
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